Monday, January 2, 2012

iheart the new year

Today I decided to start a blog, I decided to be anonymous for now, since I have a irrational fear of disapproval. Usually by people that don't matter. Any way this will be a blog that represents my life, my loves, but mostly a way to keep track of the things I want to do, if I showcase them I will probably do them to begin with.

Thanks to Cupcakes and Cashmere for inspiration on starting my very own blog.

Summer to do list (I live below the equator)

  • Wear more high heels
  • Go to Guembe
  • Start a blog ( ;)
  • Wake up early
  • Go back to the orphanage
  • Dress up day outfits(see # 1)
  • Wear/buy solids
  • Have a summer soirĂ©e on my rooftop
  • Stay home and be creative (started small today thanks to the welcomed bank holiday instituted since January 1st was a Sunday)
  • Braces
  • Use my Nikon
These are not new years resolutions just a summer list of TO DO'S, I left my resolution list with God.

Hope you enjoy.

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